Odion Ighalo Expects to Finish the Season with the Red Devil

Odion Ighalo seems to enjoy his time in Manchester United. Ighalo expected that he could finish the season if it is possible. The Nigeria striker even said that he is in his good performances when the committee decided to stop the league temporarily. At the same time, Ighalo only has a limited time in the Red Devil. His status is only on loan. At the end of the contract, Odion Ighalo has to get back to his club. Based on the plan, the Premier League competition will begin in June 2020. Unfortunately, Ighalo has to go back to China to play with his club, Shanghai Shenhua. 

Odion Ighalo explains that he has a good performance, health, and scoring goals during his time in Manchester United. This player scored 4 goals in eight games so far. He had an important role when the Read Devil won the European League competition. At that time, Manchester United scored 5 goals against LASK. On the other hand, Ighalo doesn’t want to talk about his contract yet although he wants Manchester United to extends his contract. His focus is to finish the season and the club achieves its goals. Now, Manchester United is in the fifth position on the Premier League competition. This squad has nine matches left. With the condition of the club as well as his overall condition, Ighalo is sure that Manchester United can do more until the end of the season.

On the other hand, the Chinese Super League will also resume its competition in late June. The Chinese football association also has agreed to cut the salary of the players and coaches to help the financial impact of the pandemic. The association will cut the salary by up to 50%. If the plan works well, it means the Premier League and the Chinese Super League will start the competition in the same month. Ighalo only had time until May 31, 2020, before his contract ended. Shanghai Shenhua also needs him due to the tight competition schedule. 

Odion Jude Ighalo is a professional Nigerian football player. He started his debut at Nigerian football clubs namely Prime and Julius Berger. Now, he is playing for Shanghai Shenhua in the Chinese Super League. Odion Ighalo came to Manchester United on loan from his former club. He started playing for the Red Devil on January 31, 2020, until the end of the season. He plays as a striker and shows great performances during his time in the Premier League. Ighalo feels lucky with the opportunity since there were only 7 African players who played for Manchester United. He also became the first Nigerian player to join the club. He started his debut in the European League competition. He played for 32 seconds against Club Brugge on February 27, 2020. Amazingly, he scored a goal and it was the first goal for the Red Devil. He did the same when the club beat Derby County. He also made a goal and the club won 3-0. Seeing the good record, it seems that Odion Jude Ighalo can be a potential player if he plays for Manchester United.